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 (Thank you in Hawaiian) for visiting our website. Your business is important to us so we want you to stay in touch with our company and our products.  We are in the business of rewarding and celebrating the endless joy, love and friendship that pets give to their human companions and caretakers.  Our treats and accessories reflect our motto to ‘Share the Aloha with your pets’.

All Barkaroo treats are natural -- no preservatives and nothing artificial.  We are always creating new and healthier treats for your pets to enjoy. 

Here are a few examples of how we like to pamper your pets with gourmet treats and tropical print accessories from the Island of Kauai 

   Assortment     Tropical      Specialty     Seasonal
     Dog & Cat Mats     Necktie                Sundress          Aloha Shirt

Barkaroo was founded in 1999 and headquartered on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Our Company is a family owned and operated, wholesale bakery specializing in gourmet pet treats; and designing and distributing a line of specialty pet accessories.  

All our pet treats are hand crafted and use the freshest ingredients such as the highest quality grains, fruits, herbs, spices, meats and vegetables.  Our products contain no sugar, salt, chocolate, meat by-products, artificial ingredients, chemicals, or unnecessary fats and oils. All our recipes and ingredients have been analyzed and approved by the Federal Bureau of Feed, Seed & Fertilizer, Department of Agriculture; Department of Health, State of Hawaii; and other states within the continental United States. 

For dogs with special dietary needs, we have a ‘Sensitive Diet’ line which is gluten free.  This special line uses flour made from chickpea, rye, coconut, brown rice, rice and oatmeal.

For cats, we have an assortment of cat treats, catnip and cat toys.  We also have a special treat for horses which we call "Sweet Oats".

To find more information about our line of treats and accessories, please continue to visit our website.
Mahalo for visiting, 

For more information, please call us at 1.808.821.8065 or 1.808.651.8003